HypnoBirthing® Support Techniques
Come be a part of a global network of birth professionals who support families in their choice to birth gently. The HypnoBirthing community spans 46 countries around the world! HypnoBirthing® Support Techniques for Birth Professionals is a one-day certification workshop which will provide you with the techniques and knowledge you need to support couples in their childbearing year. You will find the HypnoBirthing approach, language and tools enrich your work with families and can be applied to a wide variety of support. Upon completion of the workshop and the accompanying study guides and review, you will receive a certificate from HypnoBirthing International. Registration to this workshop includes syllabus, book (HypnoBirthing the Mongan Method), 4 audio tracks of guided imagery, and review.
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Who is the workshop for?

The workshop is intended for doctors, doulas, midwives, nurses, therapists of all types, pelvic floor physiotherapists, childbirth educators, yoga teachers, and anyone who has an interest in women's health and childbirth.

Why participate in the Pashut Laledet HypnoBirthing support techniques workshop?

Come be part of the wave of change in the Israeli pregnancy, birth and postpartum world - help women and babies experience calm and gentle births, guide couples to understand their central role in the birthing room, support women in experiencing births without unnecessary interventions.​

Your name will be added to the list of our community of professionals on the Pashut Laledet HypnoBirthing website, a list that is used by women who have completed our childbirth preparation course and are looking for birth professionals who speak the language of Pashut Laledet HypnoBirthing.

Get certified as a Pashut Laledet HypnoBirthing support professional and join our community whatsapp group to get client referrals.

If you are already engaged in one of the childbirth professions, expand your possibilities for higher income, in the field you love.

Our Pashut Laledet HypnoBirthing community will continue to provide you professional support even after the workshop is over.

Get an international certificate, from HypnoBirthing International with which you can work all over the world.


"This course left a good impression on me. I like the diversity of the teachers and the offerings - each of them brings a different voice. I like the variety of teaching approaches: the theoretical, the practical, and the films"

"The program is deep and serious. The practical part and the many hands on techniques are very helpful for truly understanding the approach"

"I'm happy to be part of a revolution"

"The instructors are amazing and you see how deeply the method is engraved in their character and their lives. The positivity and trust in people and women in particular. You see how experienced and professional they are. I really hope to follow in their path"

"The workshop was very interesting and exciting, the experience of studying this subject ignites a passion in me. It is obvious that the instructors also love what they do and so do the other participants"

"Invested program, thought about every detail. Excellent syllabus"​

"Profound, serious, clear"

"Feels very professional - organized and planned. The materials are presented in an eloquent and well-invested manner. The tremendous investment is evident and very significant"

"Very satisfied with the workshop, I'm sure I'll use it both in my teaching and as a therapist in the clinic"

The Importance of HypnoBirthing Today….
We live in unstable times. Most people are under pressure, and many live their lives with fear and uncertainty. People look for answers to their deepest questions on their cell phones and social media. Looking outside oneself can be confusing, as one receives information and disinformation or fake news, and a myriad of conflicting messages from media and authorities. This confusion creates even more stress about the most basic things. Going back to oneself, to one’s own connection and intuition, allows for balance and empowerment. The Pashut Laledet HypnoBirthing course gives tools to make the internal dialogue with oneself more accessible. It is a way to access the inner voice and inner knowing. Pregnancy and birth are a time in life with tremendous potential for inner growth as the hormones of birth help a woman connect with her instinct, and the intensity of the journey can be life altering. When we give this approach to a couple, we actually give them back their power. We don't want the woman who went through the course and experienced an amazing birth to say, "Wow! I gave birth like that because of … the amazing doula”, or “my lovely midwife” or “the childbirth course". But rather that she will feel that she gave birth in that way because of her power, because of her connection to herself, because of her strengths. This is why HypnoBirthing, in addition to being an excellent course for childbirth preparation, is truly a course for life. In times such as these, learning to tune into ourselves is a very powerful tool.
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